Here you can peruse pottery that I have made in the past. Many of these are one of a kind and will not be replicated, or may be done in a similar fashion, but as they are handmade each one will be unique. 

lavender sprigs painted on hand thrown pottery . a collection of mugs, espresso cups and bowlsDragonfly teapot with Lotus flowersVase with Chateau De brametourte hand painted on the frontPlate with red and orange Mandala hand painted Four season Salad bowl set. Each of the 4 smaller bowls have a season hand painted on it, and the large bowl has a wheel with the four seasons, with a sun in the centreThe sun tarot card hand painted on the face of an extra large mugLady slippers block print hand painted on the face of a vaseBlueberry pitcher set. the pitcher has a blueberry block print hand painted and each tumbler has 2 blueberries and leaves painted on the facePrickly Pear Cactus hand painted on the face of a vase