About Us


Hello and thank you for visiting!

My name is Molly Degardin. I was born and raised in the Okanagan Valley. Creative from the beginning, I had lost touch with that side of myself and when I became a solo parent right before a global pandemic in 2020, I was craving a creative outlet.  Heart & Solace candles were born!

I've always enjoyed using candles and aromatherapy in my life, and putting those two together makes it all the better. Essential oils were a clear choice as I spent over 5 years working for a local aromatherapy company. As a person who is sensitive to synthetic scents and fragrances, I wanted to make sure that these candles can be used by people with similar sensitivities. The essential oil blends that I have created are subtle when burning, and add a pleasant atmosphere to a space.

Inspired by the vibrational qualities of essential oils, I decided to create a blend for each of the Chakras. Each of the energy centres, or Chakras, has its own vibration, as do each of the essential oils. With those in mind, from the Root to the Crown Chakras, each of the 7 blends has been created to support those Chakras. 


In February 2021, I started taking pottery classes. My intention was to create pots on the pottery wheel that I could use for my candles. I fell head over heels in love with throwing pottery and creating functional art, and I just kept going. In September 2021, I set up my own pottery studio in my home and I continue to learn and play with clay. 



I am passionate about supporting small, local and Canadian suppliers as much as I possibly can. I look forward to growing my line of blends for my candles, and experimenting with different candle vessels.